Career planning


Career Planning


1, To determine aspirations

Ambition is the basic prerequisite for success, there is no ambition, no talk about the success of the cause. as the saying goes: everything is possible.are determined to start life, reflects a person's ideals, vision, temperament and values, affect a person's goals and achievements of the size. therefore, in the development of career planning, we should first establish the ambition, which is to develop critical career planning, career planning is the most important point.

2, Self-assessment

The purpose of self-assessment is the understanding of themselves, understand their own. because only know themselves, their career can make the right choice can be selected to suit their own career development routes, to their own goal to make the best career choice. self-assessment, including their interests, strengths, character, knowledge, skills, IQ, EQ, ways of thinking, ways of thinking, moral and social standards of self and so on.

3, The assessment of career opportunities

Assessment of career opportunities, mainly to assess the various environmental factors on their own career development of everyone in a certain environment, leaving the environment, will not be able to survive and grow. therefore, in the development of individual career planning, to analyze the characteristics of environmental conditions, the development and changes in the environment, their relationship to the environment, their status in this environment, the environment of their own request, as well as a favorable environment for their conditions and adverse conditions. only fully aware of these environmental factors in order to do so in a complex environment, so that planning your career with practical significance.

Assessment of environmental factors include:

 (1) organizational environment.

 (2) political environment.

 (3) the social environment.

 (4) economic environment.

4, The choice of career

The right career choice or not, is directly related to their career success or failure. according to statistics, people who have chosen the wrong career, the 80% of the people are losers in their careers. as has been said, afraid of marrying the wrong woman lang, male fear of the wrong line. this shows that the career options in their career development of how important it is.

How to choose the right career? at least should consider the following points: (1) personality and career matching. (2) interest in the match and vocational. (3) and career matching expertise. (4) internal and external environment and adapt to occupational.

5, The choice of career routes

Established in the career to which route development at this time to make a choice. that is, the administration route to development or road to professional and technical development; is ahead technology roadmap, and then turn to the administration of the road ... ... as a result of the development of the road is different from the requirements of career development is not the same. as a result, career planning, the need to make a choice in order to make its own study, work and a variety of action along your route or intended career direction.

line is usually the choice of career should consider the following three questions:
 (1) i would like to where a line of development?
 (2) where i can develop a line?
 (3) where i can develop a line? of the above three problem, a comprehensive analysis to determine their best career route.
6, Set career goals
Set career goals, is the core of career planning. the cause of the success or failure of a person, to a large extent depend on the availability of appropriate target correctly. no goal, as the boat into the sea, vast surrounding, there is no direction, i do not know their own going. only set a target to clear the direction of struggle, like a beacon in the sea, and guide you avoid the dangerous reef dark stone to success. goal setting, following a career in the choice of route choice career after aim in life to make choices. its the best choice based on their talent, the best character, the greatest interest in the most favorable based on the information environment. target points are usually short-term goals, medium-term objectives, long-term goals and their goals in life. short-term goal is generally between one and two years on short-term objectives and sub-goals, week objectives, on target, target. medium-term target is generally three to five years. long-term goals are generally five to ten years.
7, Development of action plans and measures
In determining a career goal, action has become the key link. did not reach the target of action, goals will be difficult to achieve, it is not the cause of success. action referred to here refers to specific measures to implement the goals, including work, training, education, rotation and other measures. for example, to achieve their goals, at work, do you plan to take measures to improve the efficiency of your work? quality in business, what you plan to learn new knowledge, acquire skills which enhance the ability of your business? in potential development, what measures to develop the potential of you and so on, must have a concrete plan with specific measures. and these plans should be very specific in order to be checked regularly.
8, Evaluation and feedback

As the saying goes: the scheme can not keep up with change. yes, the impact of career planning for a number of factors. some changes in factors that can be predicted, but some factors are difficult to predict changes. in this case, to make effective career planning, on the need to constantly assess the career planning and revision. the contents of the amendment include: the re-career choice; the choice of career routes; amendments to their goals in life; the implementation of measures and plans to change and so on.

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