How far is desertification from us?


Mets machinery in the focus on the development of their own at the same time, also mind mind social responsibility. We insist on sustainable development without forgetting to return to society. At present in the environmental ecology, earthquake relief and desertification are involved.

The current desertification area in hebei is 2.72 million hectares, mainly distributed in the five main sand areas. In particular, the sand areas on the dam and the sand areas in the upper reaches of yongding river are both the important dust source of the sandstorm in Beijing and the gateway to Beijing. At present, the overall trend of the desertification in this region, the desertification area of annual extension rate over 4%, the desertification land area of 870000 mu, accounting for 32% of the total land area, the sandstorms occurred 8 to 12 days per year. Due to excessive reclamation, the grassland area of the dam has decreased from 860,000 hectares in the early 1950s to 510,000 hectares. Zhangjiakou, under chengde dam, the green rate is low, the wind and sand is serious, and the soil erosion is worrying. The water and soil erosion area of yongding river in zhangjiakou city reached 1.12 million square kilometers, and the silting of guanting reservoir reached 651 million cubic meters. The dune is only 72 kilometers away from Beijing's tiananmen square and is moving east at a speed of 2 to 3 kilometers per year.

The yellow sheep beach in zhangjiakou is one of the main areas of sand that endanger Beijing and tianjin. In the four counties of zhangjiakou dam, which is higher, the area of sandy land is 523.62 million mu, which is also the area with the most serious damage. The grassland area of hebei dam has been reduced from 860,000 hectares in the early 1950s to 510,000 hectares. Due to the over-reclamation, the area of cultivated land has increased from 400,000 hectares in the 1950s to 700,000 hectares now.

In the face of increasing desertification in hebei province, we have donated 5,000 seedlings for free. And long-term attention to desertification.

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