7.0-magnitude earthquake in jiuzhaigou


Mets machinery in the focus on the development of their own at the same time, also mind mind social responsibility. We insist on sustainable development without forgetting to return to society. 

As of 9.30am on August 9, a 7.0-magnitude earthquake in jiuzhaigou has left 13 dead and 175 injured. At present, wang dongming, the party secretary of sichuan provincial party committee, deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and the governor of the province, Yin li, are guiding the earthquake relief work in zhangzha town, jiuzhaigou county, and visiting the affected people.

At present, we have been concerned about the latest development of jiuzhaigou. Material assistance will be provided in due course. One side has difficulty, the other side supports. Sichuan refueling, we are always with you, you have a strong motherland behind you. In the disaster area, we have been praying for jiuzhaigou!

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