Metse Machinery contains more than 300 kinds of machinery and equipment, set the industry standard. Through our machinery and equipment, product distribution and support system and the continuous introduction and update of the product, we will be able to meet your needs。
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  • About Mets Machinery

    Our owners and operators of the Mets machinery have been engaged in the mining industry for more than a decade and have extensive experience in mud and equipment solutions. Has been involved in pulp business and mining equipment and supply large and small mines.

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  • Mets mechanical sales network

    Mets Machinery is a vibrant company specializing in mining equipment and spare parts supply both domestic and overseas. Our company specializes in providing a reliable service for the mining industry and a competitive price in a wide range of products.

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  • Mets mechanical solution

    The company is a professional valve business, strict implementation of the ISO9001 international quality management system standards, quality, and keeping promises. Main pump pump pump pump, get the user praise!

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  • Our social responsibility

    Mets machinery in the focus on the development of their own at the same time, also mind mind social responsibility. We insist on sustainable development without forgetting to return to society. At present in the environmental ecology, earthquake relief and desertification are involved.

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