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Pump industry development and reviewed


 1.1 pump industry has a long history

The pump is the old machine. European countries a first-rate pump factory was built in the middle of the century, more than 10 such as the United States Wortington company was built in 1980, Ingersoll Rand-the company was built in 1860, Byron-Jackson company was built in 1872, the German KSB company was built in 1871, the British Weir company was built in 1871. The earliest Chinese pump factory appeared in the early twentieth century, such as: 1907 hanyang ZhouHengShun machinery works produced simple water pump.

1.2 the constant innovation of traditional industry pump

In recent years, chemical, petroleum chemical industry, electric power station, mine, shipbuilding industry to pump the growing demand, promoting the development of the technology of pump. The pump is various, and specifications varieties to large-scale, quick running direction. Today, all mankind, and put forward the strategy of sustainable development pump products more emphasis on the environmental protection requirement. With the new technical requirements, as the traditional industry pump technology progress. At the beginning of 20 centuries, the first in Britain without leakage shielding pump development; The middle of the twentieth century the United States the development of high speed pump can be. High temperature and high pressure pump increasingly to the large-scale, high reliability development. Special materials such as ceramic pump, pumps, pump, plastic pump and graphite zirconium, titanium and other precious alloy pump also arises at the historic moment. And then in the hydraulic design, the induction wheel research, new materials, new technology, CAD, CAM and update the development.

1.3 standardization and serialization

The United States, Germany, Japan and other countries in the long-term of the pump in the production, use, and set up a complete set of standard system. To get a higher efficiency. Foreign advanced pump manufacturing industry, is also manifest in standardization and serialization, generalization, modular, facilitate production management, maintenance is convenient for the user.

1.4 mechanical and electrical integration

Pump stepless speed regulation, centralized control, all kinds of temperature sensor, and the pressure sensor, the simulation visualization, real-time monitoring of mechanical and electrical integration technology be widely used.

2, the process of development of Chinese pump

China pump industry started in the beginning of the twentieth century, because DuoNian war dangers basic stagnant. After the founding of the former Soviet union, the early main draw pump technology, in the pattern of economic plan, the government is taking the lead, decorate, specify the stationing research and development, the production, at the time of the special historical conditions of the pump to promote development. For example, China first five-year period, shenyang pump factory already can design and develop independently with difficult multistage pumps, double suction pump, stainless steel pump, etc. Then many pump industry factory in agriculture irrigation, electric power station, mine, petroleum, chemical industry and military equipment and developed in a higher level of new type pump.

Since the reform and opening up, along with the rapid development of Chinese economy, pump industry also get considerable development. At the end of the 70 s to the 80 s, China has introduced the advanced technology, such as pump more than 20 German KSB company pump pressure cooker, Germany KSB company ship centrifugal pump, Australia WARMAN company impurities pump, Switzerland company sulzer corrosion pump, the Germany Siemens water ring vacuum pumps, the United States B.J company petrochemical process pump etc. The imported technology digestion absorption, promoted the Chinese pump technology development, improve the overall level of pump industry. Joint venture, wholly owned by private individuals and the pump as a mighty enterprise, the main force of the active in pump industry Internet.



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